This section includes a growing collection of the codes I have developed mostly during my studies. Finally, I decided to gather all of them in a well documented collection and upload it on my GitHub and other platforms, such as MathWorks File Exchange. Some additional items are also available in teaching section, where I uploaded the materials I developed during teaching assistantship in various courses.

This section is evolving and will be completed gradually.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Codes

Date Project Repository GitHub
2021 Deep Learning Course deep-learning-practice Star Fork Download
2021 Quick Review of scikit-learn scikit-learn-review Star Fork Download
2020 Machine Learning Mini Projects ml_mini_projects Star Fork Download
2019 Data Visual and Analytics Projects data_visual_analytics Star Fork Download
2019 Atlanta House Price Prediction house_price_prediction Star Fork Download

Deep Learning: RNNs and Sequence Models
Date Project Repository
2020 (1) A Step-by-Step Implementation of RNNs and LSTMs step-by-step
2020 (2) Character Level Language Model: Dinosaurus Island language-model
2020 (3) Generating Music Using an LSTM: Improvise a Jazz Solo lstm-generating-music
2020 (4) Word Embedding: Operations on Word Vectors embedding
2021 (5) Application of Word Embedding: Emojify emojify
2021 (6) Neural Machine Translation machine-translation
2021 (7) Speech Recognition: Trigger Word Detection speech-recognition

Deep Learning: Computer Visions and CNNs
Date Project Repository
2021 (1) A Step-by-Step Implementation of CNNs step-by-step
2021 (2) Residual Networks (ResNets) resnet
2021 (3) Image Recognition: Car Detection (YOLO Model) car-detection
2021 (4) Face Recognition: FaceNet and DeepFace Models face-recognition
2021 (5) Neural Style Transfer style-transfer
2020 (6) Cat-Dog Classifier: CNN Clasification cnn-clasifier
2020 (7) Transfer Learning: Horses-vs-Humans transfer-learning
2020 (8) CNN Multiclass Classifier multiclass-classifier

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General Softwares and CS Projects

Date Project Repository GitHub | MATLAB File Exchange
2017 Concurrency on Java concurrency Star Fork Download
2018 Graph Partitioning Toolbox graph_partitioning Star Fork Download
2018 Interactive Optimization Toolbox interactive_optimization Star Fork Download
View OPTool on File Exchange
2018 Constrained Optimization Toolbox constrained_optimization Star Fork Download
View Constrained Optimization Visualization Toolbox on File Exchange
2018 Golden Section Search Toolbox golden_section_search Star Fork Download
View Golden Section Search Optimization on File Exchange
2018 Polygon Fit Optimization Toolbox polygon_fit_demo Star Fork Download
View Polygon Fit Optimization on File Exchange
2018 Simplex Tableau Toolbox simplex_toolbox Star Fork Download
View Simplex Toolbox on File Exchange

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Computational Science and Engineering

Date Project Repository GitHub
2020 Modeling and Simulation Project modeling_and_simulation Star Fork Download
2019 FEM Educational Demos fem_visualization_demo Star Fork Download

View FEM_Educational_Demos on File Exchange

2019 FEM Toolbox fem_toolbox Star Fork Download

View FEM Package on File Exchange

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