What’s the plan?

Well… after one bachelor, three master’s, and soon one PhD degree in engineering and computer science fields, and accordingly developing over perhaps hundreds different applications in different courses, projects, research and thesis, I’ve finally decided to gradually share all (or at least most of the documented ones!). Maybe some of them can be of help to some other fellows. I already spent thousands of hours on these codes, and it will be a waste if nobody uses them anymore! As my friends know me well, I write codes for almost everything in my life, and as a result, I have almost one descent program for every project, assignment, or whatever in every single course that I passed in my life. Most of these codes are in Python, MATLAB, Java, C++, and Fortran, but there are couple of others in VB, Perl, Prolog, Julia, JavaScript, Swift, and even Assembly! So, I’ll start with MATLAB and Python which are most probably the most documented and well-maintained ones, and hopefully, I can upload and publish most of the useful codes before I graduate!

TL;DR: I'm going to share all the codes that I developed during my studies in both engineering and computer science. Check the downloads section for updates!