Deep Learning | RNN Projects

This page includes a set of different RNN-based projects that their applications in processing sequential and temporal data

This page presents a growing collection of RNN-based deep learning projects for modeling and analysis of sequential and temporal data that I have accomplished during deep learning and TensorFlow courses. I will also keep adding my other works from my research to this collectin to create a unified collection which can be used as a reference to start new projects. This collection is accessible through Downloads section and my github, as well.

The following is the list of these projects, where each project is located in a separate folder and presented in a single Jupyter notebook file:

  • (1) A Step-by-Step Implementation of RNNs and Gated RNNs (LSTMs) from Scratch
  • (2) Character Level Language Model: Dinosaurus Island
  • (3) Generating Music Using an LSTM: Improvise a Jazz Solo with an LSTM Network
  • (4) Word Embedding: Operations on Word Vectors
  • (5) Application of Word Embedding: Emojify (Improving Emoji Lookups)
  • (6) Neural Machine Translation
  • (7) Speech Recognition: Trigger Word Detection

A collegtion of various RNN-based projects