Deep Learning | CNN Projects

This page includes a set of multiple CNN-based computer vision projects that I worked on during Deep Learning courses or my own tests

This page presents a growing collection of CNN-based deep learning projects in computer vision that I have accomplished during deep learning and TensorFlow courses. I will also keep adding my other works to this collectin to create a unified collection which can be used as a reference to start new projects. This collection is accessible through Downloads section and my github, as well.

The following is the list of these projects, where each project is located in a separate folder and presented in a single Jupyter notebook file:

  • (1) A Step-by-Step Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks from Scratch
  • (2) Residual Networks (ResNets)
  • (3) Image Recognition: Car Detection (YOLO Model)
  • (4) Face Recognition: FaceNet and DeepFace Models
  • (5) Neural Style Transfer
  • (6) Cat-Dog Classifier: CNN Clasification
  • (7) Transfer Learning: Horses-vs-Humans
  • (8) CNN Multiclass Classifier

A simple cat-dog classifier using CNN approach