IFEM Computational Toolbox

An Interval Finite Element Toolbox to Study Uncertainties in Mechanical Structures

As a part of requirements to fulfill my PhD (Computer Science, second major in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)), in addition to passing the PhD Qualifying Exam, I needed to develop and present an artifact; essentially, a computer software with tests and documentations, addressing an engineering or real-world problem. Therefore, I developed a user-friendly toolbox implementing Interval Finite Element Method (IFEM) formulations, for which I employed my skills in Computer Science and software develoment to build a useful tool with applications in uncertaintly modeling in structural and mechanical analysis. This project was an intersection of my background in both engineering and computer science.

The source codes of this project is available for download in the downloads section. Moreover, a brief document is attached presenting some technical details about this package.

Developed an Interval Finite Element Method (IFEM) toolbox to study uncertainties in mechanical structures