TL;DR: I just wanted to keep a list of skills, including programming language, web development frameworks, machine learning libraries, and engineering softwares, that I learned and worked with during my journey as a software developer and machine learning engineer.

A comprehensive list of my skills?

When it comes to speak about skills and experience in my resume, I've always faced this problem that I couldn't fit everything or the most relative parts into a half page space. That is mostly because I've been fortunate to work with a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, and developing various projects with different specifications and requirements in engineering and computer science. Another reason is perhaps the fact that there are many ways to arrange the skills, e.g., based on their applications, level of expertise, etc.; therefore, I've decided to keep a list of my most relevant/frequent skills in my resume and keep a detailed list online. This will also be helpful for my own record since I can gradually add proper hyperlinks to my projects, handouts, cheat sheets, and similar materials that I created for my TA classes.